How often does this happen?

In a move that's extremely rare in the MMOG marketplace, Ashen Empires, has reduced its subscription rates in response to an extremely well-accepted micro-transaction business model. Aside from Archlord and Anarchy Online (what's with the "A" games?), I've rarely seen an MMOG actually drop in price.

Here's the whole press release:

– Iron Will Games reports resounding success from their
recently implemented micro-payment transaction system in the classic
MMO, Ashen Empires.  

The month of August has seen an overall 25 percent reduction in the
monthly premium subscription cost for Ashen Empires players. 
The new price of $6.00us per month allows users no-limit premium access
to the game.  Players are still able to play the standard
Ashen Empires for free.   This drop in price was made
possible by the token based in-game and web based stores, which
features a variety of convenience items and aesthetic enhancements.

“Ashen Empires is one of the few American MMOs that has
implemented a micro-payment transaction system.” says Bill
Money, the Creative Director for Iron Will Games. “Our token
based economy has allowed us to reward our players will lower prices,
which we hope will open the doors for more players to
join.”  David Reese, the Lead Developer, adds,
“We believe that this is the future financial model of
MMOs.  It gives players much more flexibility on customizing
how they play and pay for the game.”
Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016