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Berek Halfhand: What are some of the ways that we’ll be able to track what quests are most efficient for our level? For instance, if I obtain a quest from a random merchant, I want to know at my current level how difficult that quest might be to complete. Also, are there any quests or events that will not show up at all until your character is at a certain level?

Steve "Moorgard" Danuser: Generally speaking, NPCs give out quests that are at their level. A level 20 NPC is going to give a quest appropriate for level 20 players. You can tell the quest's relative difficulty by looking at its color in your quest journal. You'll see the titles use the same colors as when you con an opponent: green are easy; blue are going to provide a good reward; white will be a challenge; yellow, orange, and red quests will be difficult and may require help to complete.

There are many quests you won't be able to obtain until you are of the appropriate level to complete them. Also, some NPCs won't give you a more advanced quest until you've completed some other tasks on their behalf.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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