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Small, independent video gaming companies are often the life blood of
our industry, forging paths where the bigger, bulkier development
studios could not go. As small companies continue to emerge and either
succeed or fail, several individuals thought it was necessary for the
independent developers to have their own conference. Thus the
Austin-based Independent Games Conference was created. Ten Ton Hammer
recently had the opportunity to chat with Mark Chuberka, the Austin IGC
Conference Director. As we conversed, he explained the premise of the
Austin IGC, how it can help independent companies, and why the general
public should be interested in a show like this one.

The conference was created because we heard from independent studios
that they wanted a different kind of conference that addressed issues
from their point of view. They told us they were looking for something
more intimate, more cost-effective, and would give them information
that was directly relevant to development issues that are being faced
today. The show last year provided a technical forum that was very well
received-and even reminded some attendees of the first GDC-which is a great compliment.  We took the feedback and
added a business track to the show, so that the show would be relevant
to the entire company.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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