Being More Than Just Yourself?

Kir tackles this week's common topic across the network...Dual Boxing. Keep reading to see her thoughts about it.

The ethics and ramifications of dual-boxing, should developers mind or not? If you're familiar with MMOGs, you have probably heard of the term before. But if you're new or just haven't heard of it, dual-boxing is when players have access to multiple accounts and utilize them simultaneously, usually through the means of controlling multiple computers. This can open up windows to many new possibilities including assisting oneself through either personal coordination or macroing. Such assistance could reduce dependence upon others for group play or allow greater efficiency or effectiveness during "solo" play. Sounds great for the individual that is capable of setting up such a system, right? But what about how it affects others and the game world? Are these concerns significant enough for actions to be taken against such a practice?

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016