Batman is the ultimate gaming character and we have seen him in a variety of handheld and console games over the years. So, when tasked with deciding what's better - the 3rd console generation or the 7th console generation games- it can be hard to pinpoint the various nuances that make one generation better than the other.

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In the meantime, check out this comparison to get your brain juices flowing:

3rd Console Generation

Third generation games for the NES system were left in the more than capable hands of the Japanese development team Sunsoft, also known for such hits like Journey to Silius and Blaster Master. To make their two masterpieces, they stuck to their tried and true formula of innovative 8-bit platformers complete with sensations chiptunes.

Batman: The Video Game is a title that is supposed to be based on the 1989 Batman film, but it has subtle nuances that make the gameplay unbelievable. In this offering, the Dark Knight fights his way through waves of enemies which you can kill with the Bat Gun, for theatrical explosions that will be sure to please. There's also an excellent wall jump mechanic that makes things platformer more technical than you would expect. Like it's counterpart, the Batman: Return of the Joker game takes a ton of liberties and is a downright challenging as well.

The two games are iconic not because they epitomized the spirit of Batman, but because they are just plain fun with interesting music and impressive graphics. In fact, if the Batman characters were replaced with a generic video game character, the fun of the gameplay wouldn't change one iota.

7th Console Generation

The 4th, 5th, and 6th generation console Batman games were all disappointments that didn't fully live up to the hype. Thankfully, much was redeemed with the 7th console generation. In this generation, the Dark Knight isn't bogged down from expectations from a halfhearted Hollywood ploy. Instead, Rocksteady Games shattered expectations by creating two quite excellent titles.

One of these innovative games was Batman: Arkham Asylum, which turned out to be a revelation to those who had their doubts that there would ever be a decent Batman title. Everything about this games is excellent, from the storytelling to the superior mechanics. In fact, it's safe to safe this is the best Batman game in history, complete with better boss battles, improve travel and combat mechanics, and interesting side-quests to explore.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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