Baseball season got into full swing this week (pun intended), and we're celebrating America's favorite pastime with a look at MLB Dugout Heroes. Ten Ton Hammer's Patrick Connoy met up with GamesCampus's David Chang at a San Francisco Giants preseason game to take a look at this stylishly authentic hardball online lobby game that has much to offer MMO gamers.

"[David Chang] explained that Dugout heroes had many aspects of a true MMO. The game allows you to draft and select your favorite players from any MLB era and to create your best team. There is an ability to “level up” both your team and your individual players. The game allows you to pick a league where the other players and other teams have reached a similar level to your own team. Plus, you can earn special points by completing various missions that will be given out daily, or weekly."

Read how Pat stacked up in batting practice, see screenshots from the game, and watch the official trailer in this entertaining MLB Dugout Heroes preview from sunny Arizona!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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