Ten Ton Hammer recently started a guild on the new Sen'jin server.   I've been playing World of Warcraft on and off for the year that it's been live. In all of that time I've never entered a BG or willingly PVP'd.   That all changed this weekend when the new crew convinced me that it was fun.   They were right! It was an exhilarating experience of non stop action. At first I spent a lot of time running around in circles in a panic and then after the second time I found myself in the groove.

During the third Battle Ground (WSG) I found myself with a nemesis. He was a level 19 human rogue who thought he could take the flag from me.   I killed him every time but he kept coming back.   I had to talk to him! I needed to know what was driving this player to commit virtual suicide over and over… and over again.   After some digging and delving I finally was able to get in touch with this character (Whom we'll call Spanky) to find out what made him tick. The conversation went as follows.

Awen:   Spanky, we'll call you Spanky for anonymity purposes.

Spanky: I don't want to be called Spanky. My name is (blanked out for anonymity purposes).

Awen: I would think that you'd want to remain anonymous considering that I just owned your butt at least 5 times in the BG this weekend.

Spanky: What!!?? You didn't own me.

Awen: Mmhmm. I owned you. But you're pushing this interview off track. Can you please tell us what class / race and rank you are?

Spanky: I'm (named blanked out again because really, I don't want to embarrass him more than I already have) from the Sen'jin server. I'm a level 19 human rogue.

Awen: I'm sorry can you answer that in the form of a question?

Spanky:   What kind of freakin interview is this?

Awen: It's for informational and training purposes. Please it's best if you go along with this. I know people. I would hate to see you get ganked while you're out running around on your own.

Spanky: Are you threatening me?

Awen: I'm shocked! Do I look like I'm the type of person to threaten? (Sighing here) Ok let's move on.   Now, why did you believe that you could take on a level 19 hunter, her pet and a 16 warrior at the flag on your own? Please answer in the form of a question.

Spanky: Are you nuts?

Awen:   While that was in the form of a question, that wasn't the answer I was looking for Spanky.

Spanky: Quit calling me Spanky.   I'm an Alliance Private. I don't have to take this.

Awen: Being somebody's "private" isn't something that I'd admit to so vocally.   Is that why you're PVP skills are so bad?

Spanky: (sputtering) I didn't say that I was a private private. I meant that I was a Private. That's my rank.

Awen: Ok Spanky, I cry peace. Want to be friends?

Spanky: Uh.. Sure What's your ASM?

Awen: Good Gravy! I'm not into that kind of thing. I was just hoping that we could be friendly. What kind of kinky are you?

Spanky: What? All I asked was what your Age Sex and Marital Status was.. What did you think I was talking about?

Awen: Oh, er.. let's change the subject.  How long have you been doing the BGs?

Spanky: Who are the BG's?

Awen: Well they were a disco group in the 70's. But I didn't mean that you were "doing" the BeeJees. I meant how long have you been going to the Battlegrounds?

Spanky: For about a year now.

Awen: For a year? The server's only been live for a month.

Spanky: Well I'm not new to the game.

Awen: Are you new to playing Rogues?

Spanky: No

Awen: Forgive me Spanky because I do value our new found friendship. But how did you get beaten so badly if you're not new?

Spanky: If we're going to be friends you have to quit calling me that name.

Awen: If we're going to be friends you need to develop a bigger sense of humor

Spanky: There you go again!

Awen: I think you're avoiding the question.

Spanky: I think you need to get off it.

Awen: But I'm not on it.

Spanky: Gah!

Awen: God? Did you say God was the reason you weren't on the top of your game? That's being a little irresponsible. How does this make you feel?

Spanky: No I didn't say God! Are you Dim?

Awen: No I'm Awen.   You really need to keep up with this conversation. I'm afraid that we're not getting anywhere and my questions aren't getting answered.   Perhaps I picked the wrong Private to interview.

Spanky: I can't take any more of this. You're on your own.

Awen: Oh.. ok bye!

With that he left me.   I think that it's safe to say I won't be putting him on my friends list. However, I am still plagued by the question; "How can a ranked player be beaten so badly by an inexperienced one?"  I imagine that I will find out in my upcoming battle grounds. Perhaps I'll even find more Alliance players who are willing to answer my burning questions.

Until then - Awen out!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016