Recently IGN ran a contest for the best BC blog. They selected their winner today and I headed over to check it out. It is a good user review of the Burning Crusade and is a good read, with some interesting views, such as:

I love the Horde on my server. They provide a never ending source of entertainment (and frustration too). The way I see it, we are helping each other, by breaking the monotony of each other's grinding. Great buddies we are. But this time I can't help but feel that the Horde got the short end of the stick.

Blizzard put incorporated some world PvP goals into zone design. Yay. If two towers are kept by one faction, then all of that faction's members in that zone receive a very nice buff (something like +5% to damage dealt and XP earned).

But unfortunately, on this server, the Alliance way outnumber the Horde. Alliance can absolutely zerg the towers for constant control and will always have the buff. sad

You can check it all out here: L33tbox's Blog.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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