Best of Overwatch - Februrary 16th, 2017

The most entertaining fan content, the biggest plays and more.... This is the best of Overwatch for February 15th, 2017. 

My grind through competitive Overwatch has taken me up just over 500 points in the last couple of weeks.   Masters Tier, I'm coming for you!  

How are you all faring?  Do you play mostly competitive, quickmatch or maybe arcade?   What elements of the game push you in that direction?

Regardless of what you play, here are some moments from yesterday that should put a smile on your face and show you that we are all in this together.    Have an awesome day!

Hakuna Matata

Overwatch Hakuna Matata by s0s2 on DeviantArt

Jeff Kaplan Made Us a Valentine Gift

Just a link for this one folks. It would ruin the gift otherwise.   

View Jeff Kaplan's Valentine Gift to the Overwatch Community.

When You're a Hammer.  Everything Else is a Nail.



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Last Updated: Feb 16, 2017

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