The official Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventure forums (AoC) is a great source for information and discussion, but keeping up with all the posts can be a full time job. This week in the Border Kingdom Cryer we take a look at some of the top threads and discussion on the official forums and at Ten Ton Hammer. The roleplayer outcry continues and crafters join the fray, DPS explained, win a beta spot and more in this week's Border Kingdom Cryer.

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Win a Betaspot - Your Betaprayer to the Hyborian gods - POST YOUR PRAYERS HERE

How would you like to win a beta spot for AoC? Of course you would. Funcom has posted a new contest for players to try and win a spot in beta. All you have to do is create your own Hyborian prayer and post it in the thread. If you are one of the lucky few the gods answer you may be running around Hyboria in no time. That said, get to praying.

Class DPS Explained! - New TTH Video

This thread came on the heels of a new interview at Ten Ton Hammer with Jason Stone.
This video interview hailed some good news for many players as you can see in the first few posts about Spell Weaving. The talk about the combat system has kept this thread rolling along and gaining momentum.

Consolidated thread of Stickies - Videos, GDC 08, Summary of important topics

Ever wonder where you could find a list of those AoC videos? In a recent sticky on the AoC forums you can now find a long list of AoC movie resources of game news, footage, previews, and interviews. Kudos to the people that put this long and detailed information thread together.

Last Minute Plea For A Role-Playing Server (RP-PVE)

One topic that has remained a hot one over recent weeks and back in our Cryer again this week is this little thread on calling for a RP-PvE server. There has been a strong rally of players in support for a RP-PvE server, but they have been met with strong opposition from other Roleplayers and recently joining the fight a few who simply despise roleplaying in general. Add your thoughts to this heated discussion and also cast your vote in our weekly poll.

Guardians and PVP

In many MMOG's the tank usually suffers when it comes to PvP combat. Some players have voiced their concerns already to find out how tank classes such as the Guardian will fair when it comes to PvP combat. If you are one of the many who enjoy playing a tank this is a thread that may interest you.

Crafters Unite! Gaude, please...

For many people the crafting of an MMORPG can be the most enjoyable aspect of the game. That makes it a topic that many people are passionate about and when something that concerns this aspect turns up you can bet there will be talk about it. In this thread some of the crafting concerns are voiced by many members of the community in an attempt to elicit a response from Funcom. If you have some concerns about the state of crafting for AoC this is a good place to voice them. Many of the concerns have used this video from Ten Ton Hammer to cite current issues.


Top AoC Ten Ton Hammer Threads of the week

Poll: RP-PvP and RP-PvE: Why All the Hate?

One of the hottest topics in recent weeks on the official Age of Conan official forums has been the outcry from roleplayers seeking a RP-Pve server for launch. They have been met with opposition from other roleplayers. A topic hinted on in a recent Ten Ton Hammer editorial. Voice your concerns in this thread if you are in support for or against a PvE based RP server and vote in the included poll.

The Daily "It Made Me Laugh!"

This thread was created by Ten Ton Hammer's own manager of Public Relations & Community Development, Karen "Shayalyn" Hertzberg and provides a place for the community to get a daily dose of humor. If you need a good laugh or have one of your own to share, this is the place to do it.

Have You Found Love in a MMOG?

If so Uncle MaChail wants you.

Hey guys, I'm looking for a couple of gamers who have a real life romantic relationship which started from meeting up in game.

If you or anyone you know is interested in telling their tale, please send me a Private Message. - MaChail


AoC Ten Ton Hammer Guild of the Week

Receipt Upon Death (US-PVE) Recruiting

This week our AoC Ten Ton Hammer Guild of the Week goes to Receipt Upon Death. The guild is best summarized by Maveric7911...

First let me start by saying this, we are not a start up guild. We will also not be a zerg guild "100-200 members recruiting as fast as possible no matter the quality". Our main goal is to bring back the tight nit family guilds used to be. We have been around for a pretty long time and you as a member will see benefits from this immediately. What you will get with the experience of RuD members and officers is a fast paced, well organized, drama free environment. We aim to have a blast while still being able to progress in the game. Our end goal is to run end game raids and have our RuD events (consists of pvp and other fun stuff). Our age restriction is 20+. Like most other high end guilds Vent is required but a mic is optional.

You can read their Ten Ton Hammer thread for more information or visit their web-site here.

Check out this week's hot content at AoC Ten Ton Hammer.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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