We are seven and a half weeks from the May 20th launch date for Age of Conan Hyborian Adventure. With anticipation growing and every AoC forum member pounding the refresh button on their email inboxes hoping and praying for that faint chance that a Funcom labeled email reading "Beta Invite" is there, Ten Ton Hammer has been grazing the forums to bring you some of the top discussion and best nuggets of information and save you the trauma of reading through the drama as you wait for the inbox refresh button to pop up again. Find out about Funcom's adventure to the Gathering 2008, Tempest of Set infoz, Lost in Hyboria launches, a new combat training video, and Martuk wants to know, all this and more in this week's Border Kingdom Cryer.

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Funcom @ TG08!

Funcom announced this week that they would be part of "The Gathering 2008" lineup. They were present with Age of Conan Hyborian Adventure to show off the world of created by Robert E. Howard and brought to life by the developers of Funcom in all it's majestic glory. As the event happened it seems that somebody forgot to record the AoC video that was previewed, but LordOrion dropped into the thread and offered to see if he could find a video of the presentation for the AoC community. Though he couldn't make any promises at least he gets points for trying. You can read his response to the community in this same thread here.

Whats a fair price to pay for an MMO monthly?

What do you think is a fair price for an MMOG subscription? To be honest I don't mind the industry standard because I know with a subscription fee I am getting a reliable game of massive content, a social hub on a populated server, free content updates, patches to fix bugs and other issues, customer service, GM events, possible seasonal or holiday events, and an evolving game. Take that sub away you will be lucky to get any of that and if you do it will be very limited. I see some wanting a free experience like Guild Wars and I wonder if they truly know what they will lose for the free experience.

Tempest of Set Class Interview is up!

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Ten Ton Hammer received their Tempest of Set Class Interview.

For you Tempest of Set lovers Ten Ton Hammer released it's highly anticipated "Class Interview #9 The Tempest of Set." Already this thread has generated a load of discussion on the official AoC forums as well as the AoC Ten Ton Hammer forums. If you are one of those Set worshipping types and have been waiting for the juicy info on this class you will find plenty of discussion on these two forums. Some good and some skeptical, but all anxious.

Jason Stone Interview: Somethings that caught my attention

Hungarian fan-site AgeofConan.hu recently scored an interview with Jason Stone and it has led to some interesting discussion within the AoC community. The interview covered many aspects of the AoC mechanics ranging from simple PvE combat to siege warfare in the Border Kingdoms. There has even been a bit of discussion on the Ten Ton Hammer forums relating to the interview. It is a good read for the information hungry.

Combat Training Video

IGN recently released a new AoC Combat Training Video courtesy of Funcom. This video features a commentary walkthrough of the AoC combat system with Erling "LordOrion" Ellingsen and has generated a lot of excitement and discussion in the AoC community. The new video shows off all the details of how combat will work in AoC and what is in store for players when the game goes live. Skill has come back to gaming my friends. You can also join the discussion on Ten Ton Hammer here.

Who deserves to be ganked?

This thread goes out to all you open PvP enthusiast. The title says it all and the conversation does the rest. The community comes together with a series of comments on who they think should be ganked and why. There are at times some pretty comical choices and at others pure unadulterated spitting of venom, but that's open PvP for you. The talk comes with the walk.


AoC Ten Ton Hammer Threads of the Week

Lost In Hyboria - "Beach Boys"

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Lost in Hyboria
Issue 1: Beach Boys is now available.

Ten Ton Hammer's Age of Conan comic is now live. From the twisted mind of JoBildo; the first issue of the new Lost in Hyboria saga has launched at AoC Ten Ton Hammer. Already the community is flocking to have a laugh as our three bumbling heroes, Jobildo, Machail, Martuk, and Jobildo's faithful pet Gibbles bumble their way through Hyboria in one sad misadventure after another.

Pre-Order Dilemma

To engage in discussions of the preordering Age of Conan nature, Hero started this thread to engage the community in such discussion. That and to prove that the AoC Ten Ton Hammer community will rock the mature and well thought out discussion ratings across the board at Ten Ton Hammer.

Will You Be a Mercenary?

That is the question Martuk wants to know. Will you be a Mercenary? Will you aid those who are willing to pay in all out Border Kingdom warfare? Will you be the one who turns the battle and become a renowned mercenary? Will martuk ever stop referring to himself in the third person? All good questions and you can tell us here.

New Feature - Ask the Devs

Ask the Devs

With the cooperation of Funcom and developer Jason "Athelan" Stone Ten Ton Hammer has arranged a nice new venue for players to ask their questions for developers at Funcom about Age of Conan. The forums will be moderated to keep silly forum cluttering questions out like, "Can I be named Legolllaaasss?" and keep all the well thought and juicy information questions in. So sign up now and post those questions folks. It might get you an answer and signing up is after all free. Of course you better come back and chat with us otherwise we'll sick JoBildo's little pet monster Gibbles on you. The posting guidelines are here. Read them first. Questions go here and answered questions will be posted here.

AoC Ten Ton Hammer Clan Soup

The AoC Guild of the Week has here by under decree of laws stated by Sir Martuk has been suspended pending the full review of AoC Ten Ton Hammer's new guild feature called Clan Soup. If you have a guild and want to make your information known in it's full glory make sure you waste no time and join Clan Soup today. JoBildo will be running this weekly feature to highlight the people that matter in the Age of Conan community. You!!! Sign up and get your name in the headlines. Read the first issue of Clan Soup here.

Ten Ton Comics

Lost in Hyboria Issue 1

Ten Ton Hammer's own Age of Conan comic is now live. This new section of the Border Kingdom Cryer will feature a link to this fine comic as each week our three heroes go bumbling further into Hyboria. Three heroes...No sense of direction.

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