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Q&A Culture Armor and Weapons

Culture Armor will soon be making its way into the game and to answer some questions about this new armor Funcom System Designer, Dave Williams took some time to field a few questions about it. Needless to say, the new armor has the community excited about when it might be ready for the live servers and the discussion is still going strong.

Will the best recipes be only available as raid loot?

Currently all the culture items are boss-dropped blues. We plan to introduce crafted raid items down the line, but that may or may not be culture gear. At the moment, culture items are intended to fill the crafting niche for end-game content that does not require a guild.

However, this may change based on future crafting needs as well as game balance. It will especially have to be re-examined when we look at introducing epic crafted gear.

You can read the full Q and A here.

Pre order mounts and their future?

You could see this one coming a mile away. At launch Funcom allowed preorders to acquire siege mounts as a reward for preordering the game, but a while back while AoC was still in beta the developers stated that there would eventually be other siege mounts made available for players in the game post launch. However, the preorder mounts would have a distinctive look that would differ from the live versions. Some people don't quite remember it like that and are a bit upset about Funcom's Svein Erik "Sharum" Jenset statement that siege mounts may still be made available in the future. Some have the mistaken impression that the preorders were the only ones who would be privy to siege mounts. As you might have guessed that is not the case as was pointed out by Sharum.

I've personally said, on several video interviews, that we've planned to add different types of siege mounts in the future. But my emphasis was on "different types" (although with identical stats) so that the mammoth and rhino would stay fully exclusive in their visual appearance. - Sharum

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style="border: 0px solid ; width: 200px; height: 200px;" />

Siege Mounts have been getting a lot of discussion this week.

AoC Community Survey #3 RESULTS

Good old Wexx is back with the results to his Community Survey #3. We have to give Wexx a big thanks and props for running these surveys and providing the community and Funcom with some interesting and detailed information. Head over and give the new results a look and tell us what you think. Nice work Wexx. Keep it up.

Merging Servers With PvE/PvP

Seoulronin made an interesting proposal on the official forums about making all servers both PvE and PvP. One suggestion brought up was to add an option of selecting a PvE or PvP instance much like we do with the normal or epic. Unfortunately I think this would only serve to further fragment the community as I feel the normal an epic instances did to some degree. Not to mention it would probably drive those who want open world PvP nuts.

With all the talks with server mergers the one thing I would like to see is making all servers PvE and PvP. Other than the hub cities I think every zone should have the option for PvE and PvP. When you zone into a different area and they ask normal-epic-cancel we should have the option to go into PvE or PvP. With all the new features being PvP oriented ppl on PvE servers are left with nothing new and are being left out of the new content. When they merge the servers I think they shouldn't limit ppl to one or the other setting. One of the things that a lot of ppl I've talked to in Warhammer like about the game is the option to either just quest or head right over to an area where they can PvP. A lot of ppl that are staying with Conan on the PvE servers are making other toons in PvP servers because that's the only thing to do in AoC after you hit 80. And I really don't want to do all the work that I've done on my toon all over again. When the PvP xp was added and a lot of us started to do the mini games(no other way to get PvP xp other then mini games on pve server) we lost the interest of some of our guildies because we didn't do as much PvE, but with the option to do both it would make more ppl happy. Please Funcom consider making all servers PvE and PvP I think it would work. - Seoulronin

Another suggestion was to make it somewhat like the old Star Wars Galaxy setup where you could choose to be open PvP or covert and remain in a PvE mode.

Well if they want to do that instead they can do the SWG thing. Make it so you go to PvP mode by a command and you can then have everywhere being PvP enabled including hubs.

/PvP 10 secs later you are flagged attackable by other /PvP enabled people

/PvP again 3-5 mins later you are no longer attackable

I still think it's probably best to keep with server rulesets, but I have been wrong before. However, Warhammer Online has an excellent setup for PvE servers that designate certain areas for PvP. Truthfully that might be the way to go in my opinion. You just need to expand PvP areas outside of the Border Kingdoms. Read up and tell the community what you think. Would this be a good idea or is ol' Tuk right?

Ten Ton
Hammer Threads of the Week


Siege Mount Availability Discussion

Funcom's Svein Erik "Sharum" Jenset dropped into a mount discussion thread on the official forums to talk about the future of new mounts for players such as siege mounts. This has stirred a bit of controversy on the official forums so we got our own discussion going here at Ten Ton Hammer. Read up and tell us your thoughts.

How many of us are still playing?

Like every other MMOG there is a turnover period after launch. You have a strong community that begins to thin out a bit after the 30 free days. Many of us are still around and playing, but others have moved on. Supernaut834 wants to know how many of you are still with us from the original. Many people have responded to let us know they are still here or have moved on to other games. Where do you stand? Tell us in this thread and join the discussion.



Weekly Funny with the Tuk

face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"> style="font-weight: bold;">(The Weekly Funny is not
reflective of the views of Ten Ton Hammer. That said, they are of mine.)

There are a lot of people in the world that aren't terribly bright and while I don't expect everyone to know everything, some basic knowledge on some very common things should be known by pretty much everyone. Unfortunately, as this video shows, a fair amount of people in the United States have a hard time thinking of a country that begins with U and how many sides a triangle has. And for the record, Yugoslavia does not begin with U. I guess United States didn't occur to them. /sigh While this is comical it will leave you shaking your head and fearful for the future of the world in the hands of these rocket scientist in this little video I like to call ...

We're Doomed!!!


AoC Ten Ton Hammer Content


Ten Ton Hammer has
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the content train is still rolling. In case you missed it here is all
the great content from this past week.

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