Funcom's Age of Conan Hyborian Adventures (AoC) has been receiving regular updates, fixes, and adjustments since launch as we have been treated to weekly patches addressing many issues from balance to mechanics. This has been the subject of heavy discussion on the official AoC forums this week, but that isn't the only topic burning up the boards. Lost in Hyboria gained a front page spot on the official forums along with a nice sticky. Funcom has also addressed the community with some coming crafting fixes as well as some city changes.

(Note: If you don't understand something I have said or abbreviated get caught up on the terminology here.)

Official AoC Forums

Who else is waiting for the "Official" position on female attack speed?

there have been some reported issues regarding female attack speed. Funcom is looking into the matter, but in the meantime this thread is a good place to read up on what people are saying. Funcom Community Manager Glen "Famine" Swan even dropped in to reassure everyone that Funcom is indeed checking to see if there is an issue and if so balance changes will be made.

AoC Comic: Lost in Hyboria

You knew it was coming but did you know it would be this good. From the mind of JoBildo, "Lost in Hyboria" AoC Ten Ton Hammer's own Age of Conan comic made the front page of the official Age of Conan site and was followed up by a nice sticky thread. Now you can access the comics via the thread while surfing the official forums and discuss all the finer aspects of the comic. Like Martuk's loin cloth.

Class Bugs and Balancing Issues - Definitive List

This thread was kicked off a while back but it is a great place to report some of the bugs or balance issues you may have encountered in the game. Funcom Community Manager, Glen "Famine" Swan has been keeping a regular check and gathering feedback from the community. If you have something to add relating to a game issue this is a good place to do it. Otherwise it makes for a good read to get yourself caught up on any issues before you run face first into them.

Tradeskill fixes in the works

Since launch many in the community (myself included) have been anxiously awaiting some much needed fixes, balances, and itemization issues with the crafting system. In a recent post made by Funcom developer Twicer many crafting issues are addressed and talked about for coming updates. This includes many crafting adjustments and fixes and even more city life for player cities as they progress in each stage of construction. Famine has opened up the thread for discussion so players can add feedback or ideas. Read up and respond, but please, be constructive.


AoC Ten Ton Hammer Threads of the Week

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Will you keep playing past the free time? Uncle Machail wants to know.

Will AoC keep its players?

Some people wonder if AoC can retain enough players to be successful. A good question in itself and one every MMORPG must answer. As time goes on the game will grow and get better. Changes will be made and balances adjusted. The real test of any MMORPG is if they can address any issues quickly enough and keep the player base interested with updates. Time will tell, but I think Age of Conan will do just fine in the long run. What are your thoughts? Chime in and let us know.

Launch Month Is Up - Are You Quitting?

Now that launch has passed and the free month is likely up for many people the big question is will you stay or will you go? This week's poll asks just that question. Machail the site lead for our little corner of Hyboria here at Ten Ton Hammer wants to know. Add your thoughts and vote in this week's poll. Tell us what you plan to do and why.


We enjoy a good bit of cross site spirited competition here at Ten Ton Hammer and since the launch of our Age of Conan branch of the network we have been working hard to outdo the other sites and thanks to you (The community) we have given every site a run for their money. We even held the #1 spot on the Ten Ton Hammer Pulse (viewable on the main Ten Ton Hammer site page) for several months only recently to be knocked down to the #2 spot by World of Warcraft (WoW). Join us in this thread and discuss battle plans and strategies to retake the #1 spot from that evil WoW.

The Feedback and Bug Thread

We have collected our first round of bugs and feedbacks given by you our loyal community to help Funcom make this game the greatest it can be. This thread will allow you (the players) to offer feedback and post bugs that need fixing for us to report to Funcom. Please read the threads original post before posting and be sure not to add exploits. That is also covered in the OP. Once we have collected a fair amount of information we will throw it together in our second update for Funcom and send it off.


Friday Funny with The Tuk

(Note: Friday's Funny is an opinionated comedy piece not reflective of the view of Ten Ton Hammer. However, it is of mine. =p )

In my days I have seen many videos of stupid people doing stupid things. Perhaps some of the most comical are when crooks try to perform some sort of criminal activity and not only fail at it, but succeed in becoming one of the Internet's biggest morons. Such is the subject of this week's little Tuk Tidbit. One thing a would be criminal should remember is that when robbing a store, keep your hands on your weapon.

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This Mort the Vile arrives on the scene and carries a familiar staff.

Idiot with a gun + Observant store clerk = Idiot on the run


Ten Ton Comics

Lost In Hyboria - "The Dead Make Him Rise"

This week Machail tries to get JoBildo to raise the dead and make them talk. Alas, poor JoBildo is a demonologist and lacks the skills. Arriving moments later is a necro named Mort. Will he be able to raise the dead? Is he a hero? A villain? A necrophiliac...ernecromancer? Tune in next week and find out. Same bat time, same bat channel. This week you can read up and find out all about the staff.


AoC Ten Ton Hammer Clan Soup

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Shadow Company gets interviewed by Clan Soup.

If you have a guild and want to make your information known in it's full glory make sure you waste no time and join Clan Soup today. JoBildo will be running this weekly feature to highlight the people that matter in the Age of Conan community. You!!! Sign up and get your name in the headlines. Read the first new issue of Clan Soup here. Make sure to check out the Clan Soup Registry if you are in the market for a guild.

JoBildo has just posted a new clan interview with Shadow Company.
Clan Interview and Showcase - Shadow Company

This Week's AoC Ten Ton Hammer Hot Content

This week AoC officially launched and Ten Ton Hammer has rolled out a ton of new content, videos, and guides. In case you missed it here is all the great content from this past week alone.


Class Info


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