Communities play a very big part in MMOGs. After all, without communities, there wouldn't be much "MM" in "MMOG." But have communities been ignored with recent titles? Have these games gotten so big now that communities don't matter? What kind of effect does this mind-set have on the games we play?

Benjamin J. de la Durantaye explores community development in MMOGs in the past, present and future. He discusses the impact of games throughout the various generations and their impact on the game play and direction and its effect on the industry.

There’s no denying that there are many communities within the game[s]. Players have formed guilds and friendships like any other MMOG, but something was very different. For the first time, players no longer needed to rely on others to reach maximum level. In fact, if desired, it had become not only possible, but quite common, to level up without ever forming a group with another player. While for a lot of players this was a god-send as they no longer had to waste valuable time trying to find a group during their play sessions, it had also changed the way players play MMOGs and what they’ve come to expect from them.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016