This week Mem will be introducing his new column largely based on the
more casual aspects of the game.  Guild relations, 5 man
instances, add ons, achievements, and anything else that falls under
the casual category will all find themselves a possible part of this
new project. This may come as a surprise to some as I have always
portrayed myself as more hardcore, however I feel I am up to the task.
Join me as I take the plunge into my first column entry by sharing some
of my personal experiences, and how they have changed my views on the
casual play style

In game my toon of
choice is an Undead Shadow Priest which I play
alongside my wife, the best and most attractive Tauren Resto Druid I
have ever seen. My first character was surprisingly enough, not my
Priest. I began my WoW career playing a Tauren Warrior on the Perenolde
PvE server.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

About The Author

Amunet, also fondly known as Memtron, is an organic life form best known for its ongoing obsession with Blizzard Entertainment's numerous properties. To that end, Amu has authored hundreds (thousands?) of the most popular World of Warcraft guides, editorials, and Top 10 lists on the planet. When not gaming and writing, Amu is busy chasing after her three children in a perpetual loop of ongoing disaster.