Life After SOE

Ten Ton Hammer's Cameron Sorden had the opportunity to sit down with
Scott Hartsman at the recent IMGDC 2.0 conference for an interview, and
we now have some of the very first public details about what exactly it
is that Scott might be working on, as well as getting his unique
perspective on starting a company from the ground up after years of
working at an established industry giant.

So, how have you been? What's it been like to
leave SOE and start
up your own thing?

It's been a lot of different adjectives. Everything from fun, to
scary, to exciting—mostly exciting. There were three of us who left SOE
together, and we only had kind of a vague idea of what it was we wanted
to do, so we wanted to take some time to explore it and do our own
development since we could all afford to do it. None of us live
extravagant lifestyles and we've been saving up our money for the last
few years. We thought, "Hey, this could be a great time to do this kind
of thing. Lets take a chance and worst case, we're all on good terms—we
could still go get jobs elsewhere."

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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