Champions Online will deploy its newest adventure pack later this month with the launch of Demonflame. In a recent announcement, Cryptic Studios and Atari announced that the new adventure pack will be made available later this month. The adventure pack will be available to levels 11-40 for solo and group play. Demonflame will introduce the Qliphotic Realm and its towering demon spires. So grab a few super friends and get ready to take on Luther Black.

More than two decades ago, Luther Black used the full power of his DEMON organization to initiate the Demonflame incident. Through vile magics and human sacrifice he created a flaming tower that rose into the sky, and at its peak he attempted a horrific ritual in order to pry open the doors between worlds and drain the power of the Qliphothic entity known as Sharna-Gorak the Destroyer. He was stopped by the combined forces of brave superheroes and, to everyone's surpise, VIPER. Luther Black's plan was foiled, and the tower disappeared.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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