Over at the official Champions Online website, the developers have given us some insight into the workings of the Bronze King, an NPC that once ruled over the kingdom of Lemuria. Now he lingers in madness, a construct of sorcery that can no longer hold the souls within his body. The story is actually pretty intriguing, so don't linger and go check it out!

Tens of thousands of years ago, in Lemuria’s last Civil War, a sorcerous cabal captured and dethroned the last of the Priest-Kings. After centuries of strife, they had learned that the gods of the Priest-King were completely false. In anger, they gathered all the false priests and sacrificed each one by slowly lowering him into a magical construct full of viscous green liquid. That liquid disintegrated flesh and bone, freeing the souls of the sacrificed to be gathered and devoured by the Bleak Ones, but capturing all the memories of the dead priests. Last to be sacrificed was the Priest-King, with all of his knowledge of Lemurian history and magic. And that was the birth of the Bronze King.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016