With the Winter Event for Champions Online well underway, Ten Ton Hammer reviews this yuletide-themed event to see if it was naughty, nice, or a little bit of both. So, grab yourself some eggnog and settle back to see if we thought this event was worthwhile or not. On a side note, please don’t ask Santa for a jet-powered car for Christmas. He already told me no.

There are five action figures that you can collect during the Winter Event. You gain the action figure pieces by random drops from presents and by fighting the Black Harlequin. If you’re in a pinch, you can check the auction house. Each action figure requires three parts (head, torso, legs) to allow you to assemble them. To assemble the action figures, go to the Toymaster in the Renaissance Center in Millennium City, where he’ll give you the mission to assemble all five figures. Successfully completing the mission grants you a little over a 1000 experience, but you get the action figure to keep. If you turn in all five action figures, then you get an additional Foxbat figure for free!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016