Games Day Chicago 2008 took place last weekend and while it was mainly about the Warhammer tabletop game, the folks from Mythic Entertainment showed up to bring Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning to the fans. Through the warcrys, chanting, and general tabletop awesomeness the had the game set up hoping for folks to show up and take a look. Show up they did and one of the participants, Herrobya brings back his epic tale so join us as we conclude our coverage of this great event.

When asked about whether or not someone in Europe could purchase a U.S. copy of the game and then play on U.S. servers, I was given a definitive "Sure, should be able to." The only other question I was able to ask was about was the White Lion class, namely the armor of the War Lion companion. The lion will grow and change in appearance as you level up, including becoming adorned in armor in the upper echelons of the leveling curve. However, I was told you would not be able to select specific pieces or sets of armor for your lion, and that customizing hair color/pattern and/or armor dying were NOT in the game. Bob Mull seemed to suggest however that the Mastery path you followed would have an effect on the appearance of your War Lion.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016