Looking for a slightly "different" guild. Today's post in the forums from the Chosen of Sigmar might be something you're interested in! Here's a peek at their Guild info:

“Chosen of Sigmar” is a role playing pvp guild. Think Crusaders, think Paladins, think Inquisition, think extreme racism toward non-humans.

We believe Humanity’s only salvation lies in our faith, to this end Dwarves, Brightwizards, and Elves are not allowed for they are subject to the corruption of Tzeentch. We allow only Knights of the Blazing Sun, Warrior Priests, and Witch Hunters (we will watch for classes that fit our guild values and are open to allowing other classes in if they fit). The purpose of this guild is to form a tight knit community where we stick together and help each other. We will build a powerful base of Chosen (we are the “Chosen of Sigmar”) and hone our skills on the battlefield. We will be highly organized and develop effective tactics as we move further into the game. We will have a system of ranks within the game and will promote effective leaders. We will use vent and be disciplined, and we will rain down the fury of Sigmar upon all who oppose us.

You can read more about them in their forums thread located Here.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016