This week saw the quiet release of free-to-play MMOG The Chronicles of Spellborn and while this "freemium" game may have come in under your radar, Acclaim Games wants to make sure that everyone gets a chance to try it! All players who register before May 7th will be able to enjoy a two week premium subscription completely free. Read on to find the links for download and registration and try out the latest MMORPG!

To commemorate the official release of The Chronicles of Spellborn, Acclaim Games is having a special launch promotion until May 7, 2009 offering a FREE 2 week premium subscription for all new and existing players giving everyone a chance to evaluate the game and experience the unique real-time combat system of Spellborn. New players must register before May 7 to get the free subscription.

Once players download and install the game for free at, they can choose between a PvE (Player vs Environment) server called “Dorzhan” and a PvP (Player vs Player) server called “Deiquonril” for a more intense combat experience.

New players are invited to join the fun in one of the most innovative MMORPG’s on the market featuring a unique real-time combat system that truly sets the game apart!

In all regions, Spellborn will be a “Freemium” game, with a Free to Play zone and a required premium subscription service in order to access the full game past the Free to Play zone. For game updates check the website or follow the Spellborn twitter at

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016