You might have heard about City of Heroes newest mechanic, the Mission Architect system which will allow the community to actually create content for the game. With plenty of benefits and a few risks, NCsoft is poised to roll out this exciting new feature and announced today open beta on it's test server. If you have the creative skills or the patience to try out homebrewed missions, check out their post.

You have been waiting patiently and now the time has come! City of Heroes® content Update Issue 14: Architect has now officially begun its Open Beta phase. Now is your chance to play and give feedback on one of the most in-depth player created mission systems in an MMO to date! Your story/mission masterpieces will be available in-game for all your fellow gamers to play and rate - and the higher their rating, the more YOU benefit!

Learn about how to access the Test server over on the Official Site.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016