With the launch of City of Heroes: Going Rogue out of the way, Paragon Studios has turned their attention to the next update for the superhero-based MMOG. The team recently posted a new preview page for the next update, Issue 19: Alpha Strike. The new update is aimed at priming players for the new Incarnate system for high-level characters and adds new storyline and game enhancements. But that's not all, aside from a slew of new powers, Issue 19 will also introduce the new Alpha Slot, which will give high-level characters access to new powers and challenges, but the slot must first be unlocked by players. Check out all the new power, stories and content on the Issue 19: Alpha Strike overview page.

Issue 19 unveils the long-awaited Alpha Slot*, the first part of the new Incarnate* system that gives high-level characters access to new powers and challenges. Unlocking the Alpha Slot is no easy task. Players must first learn what it means to exceed the definition of Hero or Villain to become an Incarnate. Mender Ramiel in Ouroboros guides players on this journey.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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