Cities are one of the ultimate Realm vs Realm goals in Warhammer Online, not to mention a hub where players can buy, sell, and spend 10 minutes without being stabbed in the back. What will they look like and what functions will they have? Ten Ton Hammer's Garrett Fuller had an opportunity to see both Altdorf and the Inevitable City and shares what they're like and even describes a few of the city sub-bosses.

Like any great fantasy adventure there are loads of things to find in Altdorf's taverns. There are several taverns throughout the city and this is where players will find the quests, auctions, trainers, and crafters. Everything is centralized at the tavern and there are several in the city so players do not have to go back to one place all the time. There are also quests and public quests to be found around the taverns which can help players get to know the city and fight some ugly monsters. Design Manager Paul Barnett did hint at a Chaos Demon popping up in the city and wreaking havoc. For Nurgle fans Paul mentioned it is a Great Unclean One.

What will cities bring? Read on to find out and be sure to stop by our forums to discuss it further!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016