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At some point while playing World of
Warcraft you will be roused fr4om your killing and looting to the
fact that your character simply cannot carry another thing. Your bags
are full, your bank is full, and lets not even talk about what your
Void Storage container looks like. It is a giant mess and someone
needs to take on the task of cleaning it up, unfortunately you are
the only volunteer.

Thankfully, cleaning up your bags
doesn't have to to be such a chore, thanks to the dozens of mods out
there designed to aid you in this very task. Which to choose though?
This week we have taken on three of the most popular bag organization
mods; Bagnon, ArkInventory, and Compactor, and dissected them to
reveal their similarities and differences. All have their strengths
and weaknesses and hopefully you will find the perfect match for you
after reading about them below.



Bagnon is lightweight and easy to use
from the initial install with no extra work really needed. It merges
your bags into one giant bag that makes it substantially easier to
find items. If you do manage to lose an item, you can use the search
feature at the top of your bags. This search allows the player to
searched using item name, quality, item level, and a host of other

Bagnon also takes over your Bank, Guild
Bank, and Void Storage. Using Bagnon you can view the Void Storage
and bank of any character from anywhere, by simply opening up your
bags and right clicking on the tiny bag icon in the top left corner.
You may also choose to search both bank and Void Storage from here as
well. Bagnon offers basic customization options that are perfect for
someone who is looking for a more no frills, just the basics mod.

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While Bagnon gets the job done, it
leaves a lot to be desired in the customization department. Not to
mention that many more advanced features that other bag addons offer
are only available in Bagnon if you download additional addons, not a
desirable thing for those players who like to keep things light and
simple. Bagnon's user interface is also far from the most eye
pleasing addon I have ever seen.



ArkInventory is a bit more heavy than
similar bag mods, but with good reason. This mod has a little bit of
everything packed into it. Inventory in one bag? Check. Search
feature? Check. Cool options for customization? Check. ArkInventory
looks great and makes bag organization a breeze. For example, this
mod has a handy button that allows the player to re-stack items,
clearing up potential bag spaces with just a click. Not to mention
that you are never likely to lose anything again as you can assign
categories to the virtual bars the mod sets up so that items you
place in that category are displayed on the bars they are assigned
to. Top top it off players may view every conceivable storage space
they have including Guild Bank, Mail, Pet, Mount, Auctions, and more.

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While it is difficult to find cons with
this particular mod, there are indeed a few. ArkInventory is bulky,
meaning that there is a little bit of everything thrown into this
mod. It is all useful, but it may be a turn off for players looking
for something more simplistic. With options and customizations
galore, this mod is not for those



Combuctor is a little bit of
ArkInventory and a little bit of Bagnon all rolled into one. This mod
is visually pleasing, with a few customizable options that allow the
player to shape it to their personal preferences. Players can view
their inventory and bank from anywhere in the world and Combuctor
slims down both into one easy to view bag. From here players can view
items based on quality and also search for individual items. The bank
has various tabs so players can conveniently view select sets of
items. Combuctor has a host of complimentary mods that allow this mod
to take on even more functions.

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Combuctor is much like Bagnon in that
it is less visually appealing than ArkInventory. Also like Bagnon,
additional mods are needed to gain all the functions available for
the mod instead of it coming in one tidy package. The base mod also
does not appear to have the ability to access Void Storage or any
other storage unit in the game.


All of the mods mentioned above are
excellent in their own right. There is really no right or wrong
choice here. Which mod you choose should be based on what you want
and which mod ends up appealing to you the most. So get out there,
try them out for yourself and get your bags looking clean and
organized! Also feel free to share with us which bag mod you prefer
(even if it is not listed here) and why!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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