Massively has gotten an early look at the latest City of Heroes: Going Rogue developer diary written by Floyd "Castle" Grubb. The latest developer diary details the development of the latest powers added to City of Heroes and the challenges they posed to the development teams creating them. One of the more challenging being the Demon Summoning power set, which required more animation work and time to perfect. Grubb also details the enemies and AI design and how it influenced the game's combat system.

The Ghouls Lieutenant as designed, for instance, had the ability to command the other ghouls in the area to attack his target. We tried a couple methods of getting this to work, but each had problems that were not easily solvable. Ultimately, the effect was created by having the target Player actually force the other ghouls to attack them, rather than the lieutenant itself.

The dev diary offers a good look at some of the development that goes on in an MMOG and Grubb ends it with a tease at the next three updates in the works for City of Heroes. The full diary can be read at

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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