We will soon be seeing some changes to ammo on test! Ilucide outlines the changes that will likely take place and what it will all mean:

Soon on Test (no, I don't have an exact date), you should be seeing changes for tradeskill created ammo and store-bought ammo. If you're a ranger and you're reading this, please don't be alarmed. You're probably already using mostly summoned ammo, and nothing on that is being touched at all, I promise!

There are a few other things which should be going in too - namely that combat arts will no longer use ammo, and arrows will show information about what their stats are.

As always, if you don't like the proposed changes, play on test and make your voice heard! Testing content is the very best way to have some sway in how the game shapes up.

Read the entire thread of what's going down with ammo on the EQ2 Forums.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016