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Questions by Stacy "Martuk" Jones, AoC Ten Ton Hammer Site Lead

Answers by Age of Conan Hyborian Adventures' Wayne "Yakomo" Soong, Community Coordinator

Ten Ton Hammer: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your background in the gaming industry?

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Yakomo is Community Coordinator for Funcom's Age of Conan.

Wayne: I have been working in the gaming industry for around 6 years. My first opportunity in the industry was at Ubisoft doing support for some of their titles. I then joined up with Funcom around 2004 as a GM for Anarchy Online then moved to a technical support role for Anarchy Online as well as Age of Conan and then eventually Funcom's Community Coordinator.

I started gaming back in the early 90's. With my trusty 386 I spent countless nights playing AD&D Goldbox, Ultima and Sierra "Quest" games. When I got my first modem I ended up playing a variety of BBS games like Tradewars and Legend of the Red Dragon. Eventually I was introduced to MUDs and then I was hooked on them for years. Even with the release of Everquest and Ultima Online I was still hooked on MUDs (Mainly since my system at that time wasn't capable of running EQ very well). As the market grew with more and more various MMOs I eventually moved out of my MUD phase and jumped into the MMO band wagon, and the rest is history.


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Yakomo is an old school gamer that remembers when Online gaming looked like this.

Ten Ton Hammer: How did you come to be a Community Coordinator with Funcom?

Wayne: I was interested in doing something outside of the technical field and once a position opened up for Community Coordinator I went for it.


Ten Ton Hammer: What are your duties as the Community Coordinator for Age of Conan?

Wayne: My main duties include monitoring and interacting with our online community as well as acting as a liaison between the community and our various internal departments (Development, marketing etc.). I also assist with moderation and administration on our community forums and advising our player base of upcoming events.


Ten Ton Hammer: What is a typical workday for Wayne "Yakomo" Soong?

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Yakomo interacts with the community and monitors the forums for ever so elusive

Wayne: My typical day consists of keeping up to date on current events with Age of Conan and our community. That means a lot of catching up on emails and scouring our community forums. Letting our players know of upcoming plans, obtaining their feedback and relaying them through the proper channels and also helping out players who are having specific issues.


Ten Ton Hammer: What can the community do to help aid you in making AoC a better game?

Wayne: The feedback that our players give us is invaluable. They have done a great job voicing their suggestions and letting us know the issues that are occurring within Age of Conan. Keep that feedback coming.


Ten Ton Hammer: Do you still have to fetch Famine's coffee?

Wayne Soong: In his dreams.


And with a laugh and a smile Yakomo was back off to perform his daily duties for Funcom. Ten Ton Hammer would like to thank Wayne "Yakomo" Soong for taking the time to answer these questions and wish him the best in continuing his fine work with Funcom to help make Age of Conan an even better game.


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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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