A Family that Plays Together, Stays Together

Community Q&A: Father/Son Gaming Duo

by Amber "Aurael" Weldon

Gamers can be found in all shapes and sizes. They can be people that are best friends, perfect strangers, siblings, couples, and even father and son.
We caught up with one of these father/son duos and asked them a little bit about what it's like to
game with each other. They go by Siscotoquork (dad) and Dragonflie (son) from the guild Maelström on the
Emerald Dream server. Here are their answers:

Aurael: Who started whom on gaming?

Dragonflie: I have been playing far longer then my father,
then Final Fantasy 7 came out and I got my father hooked playing. Although he always used to
watch me playing games before that.

Siscotoquork: I used to watch him play a lot and then he
got me playing with FFVII.

Aurael: What games have you both played? What was the first game that either of you

Dragonflie: Final Fantasy 7 is definitely the first game
we have both played, but any co-op game we could find we would play together.

Siscotoquork: Playing together was FFVII. Then all the
other FF since.

Aurael: Have you ever played any other MMOs together? If so, which ones?

Dragonflie: WoW is the first MMO we have played together,
although not the first MMO I have tried.

Siscotoquork: No. I never thought I would ever play one

Aurael: How did each of you get started playing World of Warcraft?

Dragonflie: I tried the Matrix Online but did not like it
much, then gave up on MMOs until I heard all the hype about Warcraft and decided to give it a try,
been playing it ever since.

Siscotoquork: I started watching him. Got interested and
started myself.

Aurael: What do you like most about WoW? What do you like least?

Dragonflie: Funny thing is the same thing I like the most
is the same thing I like the least, and that is the people. The game is good, but would not be
worth the time without the people you play with, but some of the people in the game make you want
to destroy your comp.

Siscotoquork: I most like the fact that at anytime during the
RP you can encounter a horde player and play PVP. I least like "DROP QUESTS!"

Aurael: What made you choose the server that you did? Do you RP or PvP more
(or neither)?

Dragonflie: Can't say there was a real reason why I picked
this server except that the name of it was in English :} When I first started playing I didn't
really know the difference between RP or PvP.

Siscotoquork: That was the one my son was on. I guess my
favorite has to be the RP. I have just recently within the last month started the battle
grounds. I have gotten to like them a whole lot.

Aurael: What do each of you play? Do you have many alts? Do you like to play one
main character or a lot of alternate characters?

Dragonflie: I mostly play my level sixty mage, but I have
dabbled in the other classes and races, but as a guild leader I do not have a lot of time to play
my other characters. I do have a lot of alts waiting to be played though.

Siscotoquork: I play a lvl 60 druid as my main, however I
have 4 other alts I like to play. My favorite of those is my mage. I have learned a lot about how
to play a mage from watching my son play his.

Aurael: What are each of your ranks in your guild?

Dragonflie: I am now the guild leader of the Maelström.

Siscotoquork: I am an officer with the rank of Druid Class

Aurael: How did each of you get started in your guild?

Dragonflie: The first guild I started with didn't
communicate much, and I soon ran into a couple people that invited me into my current guild
Maelström. Loved the people in this guild and been with it ever since.

Siscotoquork: Well it was natural for me to join as soon
as my son took over the guild as guild master.

Aurael: Is it ever a problem that the son outranks the dad in the guild?

Dragonflie: It does not bother me :} Although sometimes
he likes to try to get me to put in his ideas for the guild.

Siscotoquork: It actually is great to have my son as guild
leader. I do not have to put up with the headaches, however, being his father gives me an
automatic respect factor with the other guild members. Even though I do not get any respect from

Aurael: Do you ever have disagreements about in-game things that extend to real life?

Dragonflie: There have been no problems between us that
have extended into real life, At least nothing beyond trivial things like keeping a raid going to
long or inviting someone we dont agree about.

Siscotoquork: Not at all. We have been gaming together for
about 8-9 years now. Most has been with the PS systems. I have grown to have the utmost respect for
his game play and understanding of the all aspects of the games.

Aurael: Do you think online gaming is a good activity for families? Why or why not?

Dragonflie: It is a good activity if all the family is in
it, because those that are not feel left out. Especially if the other members are not gamers.
WoW just takes to much time to play it without the other family members being involved.

Siscotoquork: In our case it is. I started out watching
him play. Then he got me playing when FFVII came out. We have been gaming together ever since. We
have been active together with other things too. We use to play a lot of tourney basketball
together in the Hoop it up program. I have gotten to the age that basketball is a little to much
to play on a regular basis so gaming gives us that activity we need to stay connected.

Aurael: Is it hard to find a balance between game time and family time?

Dragonflie: Wasn't hard before I played Wow, or before I
became a guild leader before WoW. Now it is like I have two families I have to balance, and one
tends to demand more time.

Siscotoquork: It is not hard for us because my family is
all grown. My wife has her activities and I try to work WoW around them.

Aurael: Who's the better player?

Dragonflie: I have always been the better gamer.

Siscotoquork: He is by far.

Aurael: What do you think about the upcoming expansion?

Dragonflie: Honestly I dont think too much about it, but
what I like about it, like all computer games, is that it gives you a reason to keep playing the
same game, unlike console games that once you go through the game you have to wait for a sequel to
get more content.

Siscotoquork: Can't wait. Sounds very interesting.

Aurael: What are you most excited about? What are you least excited about?

Dragonflie: I enjoy raiding, and with the expansion, you
wont have to rely on forty people to be online to do one. Oh, and my mage gets a pet :D

Siscotoquork: The new skills and the Level increase. I do
not know what i am least excited about.

Aurael: Are you planning on rolling one of the new races? If so, which one and why
that one?

Dragonflie: Like everyone else in the game I am going to
roll an alliance Draenai Shaman Jewelcrafter.

Siscotoquork: Not planning to but who knows.

Aurael: If you could add anything to the expansion what would it be?

Dragonflie: A mod ingame that identifies in-game ***holes >. before you meet them.

Siscotoquork: I would give the Druid a pet. HA HA.

Aurael: Thank you both for taking the time to tell us what it's like to game with family.
We hope you have many more years of gaming together ahead of you.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016