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This guy
wonders why he didn't get a job.

A post on the F13 forums just a few weeks ago reported some disturbing
information.  Apparently recruitment companies were being
instructed not to hire players who frequented the game style="font-style: italic;">World of
Warcraft.  Citing a lack of focus and abnormal
sleep patterns
these particular candidates were avoided at all costs.  To
find out more, Ten Ton Turnip contacted one of the largest hiring firms
whose clients include SOE, Turbine, and EA to get the inside
story.  Remaining anonymous the company's CEO, who we'll call
"Bill," commented openly on the reports.

"Of course they ask us to screen for MMOG players," he states "and
we've been trying to discriminate but it's really hard!  They
said no EverQuest
players, but when is the last time you actually MET
one? That's like telling us not to hire unicorns. In fact one guy came
in here recently and claimed to have played a lot of style="font-style: italic;">Star Wars
Galaxies. However the more he talked about it, the more
sure I was he
really played LEGO Star
on the Wii."  The breadth of this genre
keeps Bill on his toes and requires following every aspect of the
gaming industry.  "We have someone coming in this afternoon
that put Tabula Rasa on
their resume.  I have no idea what the
hell that is.  Is it one of those Bejeweled games my wife
plays? I bet it's flash based."

He continued and began to discuss some of the other poor habits
companies are looking to avoid such as poor diet and peeing in old
Mountain Dew bottles, "Look I'm not saying these are bad people, but if
you claim to have dressed up as a female night elf last year 'for
laughs' we are probably going to pass."   What can
prospective employees do to help their chances?  "For
starters?  Take the can of energy drink out of your jacket
pocket and don't wear an ‘Auto
’ t-shirt to
the interview."  

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016