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Librams, Idols, Quivers and more....oh
my! All of these things were once a part of World of Warcraft and
were eventually systematically removed, without much fanfare, from
the game. Now, according to a
brand new Artcraft blog
, it seems that
these items are about to make a grand reemergence into the game.
While this shows the game developers taking a step in the right
direction, I believe they can even go a few more.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

If you have been playing WoW long
enough to remember what a Libram is, you probably also remember it
also being removed from the game. They went without much fuss and
many players would be hard pressed to say that they have felt much
remorse for their loss. While it may seem strange that losing a gear
slot wouldn't cause much of an uproar, when you look at the nature of
these items during this time period, it becomes easier to understand.

Librams, Idols, and the like, were a
part of the game, yet they weren't. You could place them on your
character, but they were ultimately invisible. Even if a Hunter had a
Quiver equipped, they would still appear to be pulling arrows from
thin air (a great magic trick). Despite the fact that these items
provided valuable character stats, they seemed less important than
other gear pieces. So when they were removed, very few players even
batted an eye. In this case, it was truly out of sight, out of mind.

The Return of the Class Accessories

Now Blizzard may be bringing these
items back, in a new and improved form. Instead of invisible items,
they will be front and center. While they will no longer have stats
attached to them, these items will help to distinguish your character
from others.

No longer will you look exactly the
same as that other Mage next to you. Even though these items will be
small, they should be noticeable enough to make your character stand
out. The best part? While many of these items will be easily
obtainable, others will require players to complete quests, defeat
bosses, and more. This makes them all the more meaningful and special
to the individual player.

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A Step Further

If you haven't guessed it by now, I am
all on board with the return of Librams, Idols, Quivers, and more.
Even without the stats attached, I love the idea of a new
distinguishing item that players can equip to make their character
extra special. Not to mention, to possibly show off some great
achievement that you have accomplished in World of Warcraft.

I was also, like many others, firmly in
favor of Transmogrification. The first real attempt that had been
made in the game to allow us to distinguish our characters from
others. Up until that point, every class has looked exactly and
totally a like. How boring. In fact, it is one of my major gripes
about the game, the inability to really make a character your own.

Now it looks like Blizzard is finally
moving in the right direction, first with Transmogrification and now
with the addition of class accessories. While this is a great start,
I believe that the game developers need to push the envelop even
further. I think more ways to allow us to customize and personalize
our characters are well overdue. Whether it be introducing profession
related accessories, more hairstyles, or a myriad of other things, we
need more ways to make our characters distinctly our own.

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It doesn't have to be big
modifications, they could be just as small as the soon-to-be
reintroduced class accessories. Anything to help set our characters
apart, let us express ourselves in game and allow our characters to
be “ours”. With the new better looking character models to show
these things off on, now is the time to take more steps forward.

Of course, with all new features, these
new items will likely see much fine tuning before they hit the live
version of the game. Or they might not make it there at all. Assuming
that class accessories do make it in tact into World of Warcraft; are
you happy to see (literally) the return of items such as Librams,
Idols, Quivers and more? Do you agree that this should just be the
first step in many to create more character customization? What other
customization options would you like to see? Share your thoughts and
opinions with us in the comments section below!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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