If you've been looking for an easy way to keep tabs on how you compare against your foes in RvR, then look no further because the Dammaz Kron is here! A mod available from Curse.com, the Dammaz Kron, or Book of Grudges, keeps a talley of your lifetime kills, deathblows, defeats, and how you stack up with other players you've come in contact with! Plus, it's endorsed by the WAR staff themselves

It has been a while since we've posted a mod recommendation, but we felt this one was too much fun to pass up. From its beautiful integration into the Tome of Knowledge to the additional excitement it brings to the chaos of smiting your foe. This addon makes each kill feel that much better and revenge all the sweeter.

You can check out the other things Mythic has to say about this nifty little mod here.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016