Camelot's New Campaign: A Q&A with Producer Walt Yarbrough

Walt Yarbrough, Dark Age of Camelot's veteran producer, has plenty to say about the five year old game's new "Dragon's Revenge" sprawling 6-month campaign, which will take the place of a DAoC retail expansion in 2007. Follow along as we explore what this new Campaign approach will mean to Camelot's RvR core gameplay, and watch what happens when Jeff "Ethec" Woleslagle makes the mistake of bringing up the infamous "Trials of Atlantis" expansion- which, by the way, is apparently one step away from Imperator on the "don't ask EA Mythic about this" scale! Thankfully, Mr. Yarbrough was gracious.

Walt Yarbrough on how DAoC's recent expansions lead into "Dragon's Revenge": "So really, we made an effort to make sure that that lowest common denomenator is still getting a good play experience. And they're still happy and participating in RvR, and they don't feel like "I can't compete. There's no point in me going out there." Again, from a loot perspective, what we're doing in the dragon campaign, the loot and the power isn't going to change that much. It's going to be good loot by today's standards; a lot of it will have a new look, which is something that the players really want... It's the same power as they stuff that they have, but it does say, "Hey look, I completed all the dragon quests" - so it sort of gives them prestige as well."

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016