DC Universe Online is gaining in hype and quickly becoming one of the most anticipated MMOGs to hit in 2011 and they finally let Savanja into beta! Forget the screenshots and bits and pieces of info, get details on character creation, early gameplay and find out if DCUO managed to woo this strictly sword and magic girl.

Costume options are fairly diverse. There are theme pieces, such as biker leather, jeans, and boots, which help create a specific look if you want it but you get the best creations from mixing and matching. Each piece of gear is selected individually for each slot: helmet, emblem, shirt, back, hands, waist, pants, and feet. There are quite a few spandex-like suits in various patterns, real world street clothes, skirts, military gear, and even just underwear if you’d like to create the Lingerie Bandit.

Read up on Savanja's beta experience and her first impression of SOE's next major title.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016