DC Universe Online has the big names of Superman and Batman behind it but while that might get a game into the water, it won't make it float! Does DCUO have what it takes to stand out against the barrage of superhero games erupting on the market? Kotaku had a chance to get in game for a preview and they share their thoughts on whether or not SOE has another winner on their hands

What Needs Improvement?
Graphics: While the likes of Superman and Doomsday are easily identifiable, the graphics don't pop as much as I expected with Jim Lee helping out. The character you create doesn't really look all that different from the ones I've seen in other super hero MMOs.

Something New: Not to beat a dead horse, but so far the only thing that DC Universe Online seems to have going for it that City of Heroes doesn't is the DC name... and characters. Of course that's huge, mammoth even, but it would be nice to see them do a bit more to differentiate themselves.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016