New Thoughts...

Everybody changes his mind now and again. We at DDO @ Ten Ton Hammer are no exception. When we change our mind about something we've put in an article before, we like to take a look back and update you on our decisions. Wherever you see the UFR label, you see my changes since this build originally posted. I have left my old comments so that you can see exactly how the changes compare to my original opinions.

"Level 3 Spells: Crushing Despair, Good Hope, Summon Monster Level III, Fear

UFR Level 3 Spells: Fear, Good Hope, Crushing Despair, Charm Monster
I made sure I selected Fear and Good Hope first from the Level 3 spells. They are some of my favorites in DDO. I dropped the Summon Monster III for Charm Monster. Even at Level 10, it is fun to charm a beholder!"

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016