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As we move through DDO Quest Week here at Ten Ton Hammer, we want to take the time to discuss the fully instanced nature of quests in DDO. We'd like to know if you think 100% instanced game play is right or wrong for MMOGs. We share our thoughts to get you started.

"One of the features that makes Dungeons & Dragons Online (DDO) stand apart from the myriad massively-multiplayer online games (MMOGs) that glut the market today is that DDO provides 100% instanced quests. For sure, it was one of the elements that convinced me that DDO was going to change MMOGs forever. In case you're a little foggy on the details, an instance is a special version of a zone or quest created specifically for you and your group (or raid party...or opponents for player-vs-player combat)."

Let your voice be read? You know what I mean! Head over to DDO Ten Ton Hammer and make your vote. Tell us all about it in the forums too!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016