DDO Mailbag: Looking to the Future

With the end of August, many DDO players have returned to school or gotten the children out of the house, so we expect a lot more time to play DDO for everyone! Ralsu dips into his mailbag and discusses plans for the site in the upcoming month. Oh, and he also takes some heat from a reader who challenges him to deliver on his promise of an interview.

"Community Manager Ralsu:

Where's the interview from Turbine you've been promising us for months? Back in May, you told us you had secured an interview with Samera and Sporkfire, but I still haven't seen it. Were you lying? I don't see why you'd have trouble getting an interview if you're a legit gaming site. Besides, T[en] T[on] H[ammer] does more DDO stories than any other DDO site I've seen out there. What's the real deal?


"Oh boy! How do I begin to address that?"

See what Ralsu has to say to Gener41. Do you have a questions for Ralsu? Jump into the DDO Ten Ton Hammer Forums and let him know!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016