DDO's latest Chronicle asks for your suggestions on spells.

The Stormreach Chronicle published today includes a slew of player features such as guilds actively recruiting new members as well as three pre-designed character designs for those of us needing a bit of help in that regard (/raises hand). In addition to other tips and tricks, the Turbing Town Crier announces a few new items for Module 8 and asks for your input:

* Module 8 will feature a new series of Eldritch recipes used in the creation of Dragontouched Armor
* The scholars of Stormreach are completing their research in order to add Meridia as a destination for Teleport and Greater Teleport
* The developers are taking suggestions for spells! Stop by our thread in the development forum to tell us about a D&D spell you'd love to see in DDO!

For more information, check out the full extent of the Stormreach Chronicle and for those with some solid DDO knowledge or ideas, make sure you drop your spell suggestions in their developer forum.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016