The world of Dungeons and Dragons has always produced such rich lore providing the perfect backdrop for an MMO game. Turbine continues to utilize this lore and discusses a new area in development called Amrath. With a piece of concept art and a brief description you can learn a little more about what awaits you.


In a land of endless war there are always those who seek to take advantage of the opportunities that arise. The Yugoloth have a presence in the plane of Shavarath on the floating island of Amrath, working to ensure that the eternal battle on the plane is never won. The Yugoloth tore the land asunder with their magic, and a huge chunk of that magically-imbued ground hovers above Shavarath, tethered to the remains of an ancient Coliseum below. The Yugoloth named their floating encampment Amrath, after their vizier at the time.


Even in our early concept art of Amrath, we wanted to make it clear to the players that there is something magical and out of place about this disembodied hunk of terrain. The Yugoloth isle in the sky is a waypoint for players seeking to venture into the Shavarath landscape below. Chains running from point to point of Amrath lash the place to the ancient ruins down on the Shavarath landscape. In fact, portions of a massive Coliseum can still be seen protruding from parts of Amrath. Since Amrath was created from a hunk of the bleak and devastated earth below, it still shares that same sense of danger and desolation, reminding the viewer that the war of the three factions is not out-of-reach of Amrath. If players are brave enough to be transported to the plane of Battle, the Yugoloth of Amrath will oblige.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016