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What's your best advice on dealing with Fenix when he's solo lane? I can't seem to find a Hero that can deal with him.


Hey Nemo! Solo lane Fenix beats almost every other solo laner. The only Heroes he doesn't beat are weird choices, such as a Life Drain Gul'dan (which will significantly hinder your late game). He has other weaknesses that you should address, rather than trying to win the lane against him: he does not hold a point well. Heroes such as Blaze and Dehaka can push him off a point for a decent time, allowing them to gain a Dragon Shrine or Braxis Beacon at a crucial moment. Blaze and Dehaka just have to watch their health, and make sure they are not taking unnecessary poke during laning. Another weakness of Fenix solo laning is that his team will either have to have a melee dps in the 4-man, or run 3 ranged dps Heroes. Either way, their team will have a weaker frontline than if they had a bruiser in the off-lane. This short-fall can allow you to play very aggressive and run down the enemy backline. Finally, the biggest thing you can do as solo against Fenix solo is just clear the waves and look to win the 4-man. Dehaka is very good at this as he can burrow down to help out the rest of his team. Just make sure you have cleared the wave, or Fenix will push your lane while you rotate.

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Last Updated: Jul 02, 2018

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