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Got some questions about the unholy Death Knights? This is the place to find your answers! Below are the most popular questions that we know about the Death Knight class. Got a question of your own? Email us or post in our community forums.

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General Class Questions

Runes are confusing. How do I use this rune system?

See this guide.

Biggest question: When do I get my mount?

If you follow our starting area guide you will eventually come to Grand Theft Palamino which is the quest line that gives you your “Summon Deathcharger”.

Can I get another mount? This one is too cliché or generic or pompous or just blah.

Yeah, all normal mounts are attainable and any special mounts (like the Big Blizzard Bear) work just fine. You can get your own race’s mount as soon as you’re out of the zone while you’ll need to farm faction for other races mounts (like normal).

I did the mount quest… where is my mount?

Patch 3.0 relocated the mounts to the character sheet page. Press shift-P to pull it up.

The mount quest is impossible. I have the horse but what do I do? I click “dismount” and I still haven’t finished the quest.

For both parts of the quest there is an ability to turn the quest in. It’s on the vehicle combat bar. You have to do it in the town, though.


Calm down. Talent points come from quests with the bulk of them coming from the later quests. You will have every talent point due to you by the time you’re finished with the starting area.

What is up with my racials?

Racials were changed. See this guide.

Do I have to forever use this weird voice?

Yes. Well, not really. You can turn it off in the interface options under “Death Knight Voice”.

Starting Area

The starting area is boring. I want to leave now.

There is no option to leave. Your talent points are contained within the quests offered. You’ll have to finish the area. This is a good thing since it offers a very high margin of XP and will usually get you 57 or 58 (enough to go straight to Outland if you wish) if you’re patient enough.

I have three trinkets. Tell me, what trinkets should I keep?

Over the course of the quests you’ll get three trinkets. The two blue stat boosting ones are the ones you want to use for PvE. You’ll get an insignia of the Horde/Alliance to use for PvP and will save you the time and effort to go get one on your own.

How do I complete this quest?

Check our starting area guide or just read the quest description. You’ll notice general chat just spewing with “read the quest description” and that’s pretty much true. Most quests don’t go far out from their quest giver.

My frost wyrm keeps dying? WTF?!

Yeah, about that. You have to avoid the arrows while firing on the things below. You’ll be shredded to bits if you stand still too long. Zoom out and keep a look out for the arrows (they’re big and visible). If you get low fly down, target something, and eat it to regain mana and health. It’s a good idea to always keep moving.

I can’t eat anything with my frost wyrm. It’s broken! Buggy game…

It’s not broken, you just need to target something and be really close to it.

I can’t find my runeblade! I’m at the thing but there is nothing there for me argh…

  1. You’re not a pirate. Arrrrgghhh would work if you’re a pirate, but you’re a Death Knight.
  2. Look for sparkles around other weapon racks. You might have to do a little bit of hunting to find one that’s right for you.

I got the weapon but … I can’t figure out what to do next.

Stand next to one of those skull looking things (Runeforge) and use it from your inventory.

Bloody Breakout is hard and also someone started it but I still see a question mark what do I do?

The quest target for this will spawn on the ground, so as long as the NPC is up you can take the second part of the quest. Just try to survive until Valroth shows up. It’s easier when there are more people around. Be sure your 10 minute rez is up. That helps a lot too.

Ambush at the Overlook is confusing. Where is the overlook and what do I do?

The overlook is the spot of area going to the docks with elites chilling about in it. Just go up on the cliff somewhere and use your makeshift cover. It’ll spawn the courier and you just decimate him.

100 enemies for Massacare at Light’s Point?! I get instantly killed when I leave the boat. How do I win?

Use the siege turrets on the boat. They’ll make short work of it. You can return with one of the abilities on the turret that’ll destroy it and spawn a new one for the next player (that’s fresh).

The Gift that Keeps on Giving is difficult. Is it random? Why do ghosts keep attacking me?

You’ll randomly get either a ghoul or a ghost. It’s an unconfirmed rumor that going into combat with a miner might give you a better chance of a ghoul.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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