It's a bit morbid around the network today, death is topic of discussion.

Here on Vanguard Ten Ton Hammer I take a look at myexperiences with death in EQ and how it is currently being handled in Vanguard, Saga of Heroes

Birds chirping high above and the rustle of leaves can be heard as I emerge from the tunnel that leads to the safety of home. My long robe sways slightly as the breeze catches the hem. I causously make my way down the hill to a well worn path. A slight buzzing can be heard, turning to my right I find a huge wasp.
Murmuring the incantation the wasp begins to choke. Angrily he begins to sting me, using my staff I begin to beat upon it until it falls lifeless to the ground. Victory! “Thwap” “Ouch! “Thawp” Turning I find myself face to face with an angry orc. My palms begin to sweat as I try to murmur the incantation, without success. In a few well placed blows he has me battered and beaten upon the grass, life slipping away.”

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016