Deeds of Evendim

By: Martuk


Evendim once played host to the kingdom of Arnor. The illustrious ruins of the once great city of Annuminas still stand to the south. Now the land has become a haven for tomb robbers, but with great conflict comes great opportunity. By exploring the ruins and engaging the enemies of Evendim, you can earn traits that will aid you in your adventures.


Deeds of Evendim
Title:Slayer of the Gauredain
Slay 120 Gauredain in Evendim.
Gauredain (Advanced)
Virtue: +1 Fortitude
Slay 240 Gauredain in Evendim.
Title: Enemy of the Giants
Slay 80 Giants in Evendim.
Giant-slayer (Advanced)
Virtue: +1 Honour
Slay 160 Giants in Evendim.
Title: Goblin-foe
Slay 90 Goblins in Evendim.
Goblin-slayer (Advanced)
Virtue: +1 Justice
Slay 180 Goblins in Evendim.
Title: Bane of the Kergrim
Slay 120 Kergrim in Evendim.
Kergrim-slayer (Advanced)
Virtue: +1 Zeal
Slay 240 Kergrim in Evendim.
Title: Keeper of Mysteries
Slay 120 Limrafn in Evendim.
Limrafn-slayer (Advanced)
Virtue: +1 Mercy
Slay 240 Limrafn in Evendim.
Wanderer of Evendim
Virtue: +1 Compassion
Complete 10 Quest within Evendim.
Pilgrim of Evendim
Virtue: +1 Innocence
Complete 20 Quest within Evendim.
Warden of Evendim
Virtue: +1 Compassion
Complete 30 Quest within Evendim.
Ruins of Evendim
Virtue: +1 Fidelity
Explore the ancient ruins of Arnor:

Tham Nambarth: Loc: 12.1s, 65.6w

Tham Varan: Loc: 12.1s, 63.9w

Ost Heryn: Loc: 11.2s, 61.6w

Tham Andalath: Loc: 9.5s, 63.1w

Tham Ornen: Loc: 8.7s, 66.7w

Barad Rath: Loc: 7.3s, 66.6w

Rantost: Loc: 7.2s, 69.6w

Tollobel: Loc: 11.4s, 71.9w
Title: Quencher of Flames
Slay 120 Salamander in Evendim.
Salamander-slayer (Advanced)
Virtue: +1 Determination
Slay240 Salamander in Evendim.
Title: Tomb-warden
Slay 120 Tomb Robbers in Evendim.
Deed: Tomb-defender (Advanced)
Virtue: +1 Discipline
Slay 240 Tomb Robbers in Evendim.
Tombs of Evendim
Virtue: +1 Fidelity
Find the lost tombs of Annuminas:

Haudh Elendil: Loc: 16.7s, 67.0w

Haudh Valandur: Loc: 16.4s, 66.5w

Haudh Earendur: Loc: 15.9s, 66.4w

Haudh Elendur: Loc: 16.3s, 66.0w

Haudh Tarondor: Loc: 16.9s, 66.1w

Haudh Tarcil: Loc: 17.1s, 66.0w

Haudh Eldacar: Loc: 17.2s, 66.8w

Haudh Arantar: Loc: 17.2s, 66.3w
Wilds of Evendim
Virtue: +1 Patience
Explore the wilds of Evendim:

Nan Orngon: Loc: 7.7s, 61.8w

Tum Fuin: Loc: 4.4s, 65.2w

The Even-Rills: Loc: 3.7s, 69.5w

The Eavespires: Loc: 6.1s, 72.0w

The Eave-Mere: Loc: 5.8s. 72.8w

Swiftbrook: Loc: 7.0s, 74.5w

The Twisted Grove: Loc: 11.0s, 75.1w

Rushingdale: Loc: 13.7s, 75.8w

Exploring Evendim


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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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