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Deeds provide a number of different benefits for the characters of Middle-earth. They can aid you in building power to defeat your foes by earning Virtues and gaining a variety of titles to display for prestige. Our Deeds of Middle-earth section will aid you in seeking out and completing these complex and time consuming tasks.

  • href="">Deeds of Forochel
  • href="">Deeds of the Misty Mountains
  • href="">Deeds of the Trollshaws
  • href="">Deeds of Eregion
  • href="">Deeds of Evendim
  • href="">Deeds of Angmar
  • href="">Deeds
    of the North Downs
  • href="">Deeds
    of Ered Luin
  • href=""
    title="Deeds of the Shire">Deeds of the Shire
  • href=""
    title="Deeds of Bree-Land: The Book 10 Edition">Deeds of Bree-Land
  • href=""
    title="Deeds of the Lone-lands">Deeds of the Lone-lands

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    Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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