After a recent session of EQII Stratics, House of Commons developer's chat, a few questions were still left unanswered. Developer Lyndro graciously tied up some loose ends by responding to some of the most common questions:

Hinton* Are there any plans to implement Armor Dye, and if not... why?

[Gallenite] EQ-style free-form armor dye, where you can choose any color on any piece of equipment isn't something we plan on adding to EQ2. If we ever do go this direction it will most likely be more down the line of being able to find specific colored dyes that you could apply to certain items," which is in line with the reasoning from your accurate second half of the answer above as well.

There is a whole lot of knowledgable goodness is in this post, so you won't want to pass it by! Check out Lyndro's post, and catch a link to the House of Common's chat log on the EQII forums!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016