The Barbarian is still an epic force
of destruction, but you
can no longer mash leap, whirlwind, and your other favorite skills and
rely on
mana leeching to give you inifinte skill use. 
Now a Barbarian has to manage their Fury, which is
generated just like
most warrior classes in MMORPGs – via taking and dishing out damage. style="">  There are fury generators,
fury spenders, and
utility abilities.  You
can kill strictly
with the generators, but if you want to smash people in half and cleave
hordes down instantly, you’ll be needing some fury dumps as well!

href=""> style="border: 0px solid ; width: 329px; height: 500px;"
alt="You really don't need a barbarian build if you look this badass though."

may look older, but I
promise you they are even more badass then their previous iteration.

Fury Generators

- The Barbarian
smashes the hell out of his target, dealing bonus damage and having a
chance to
knock the target back.  This
will be your
default go-to for going toe to toe with most enemies.  
It scales with attack speed, so the faster
your weapon, the faster you’ll pummel people and knock back hordes.

Cleave – A wide swing decimates a
group.  Deals full
damage to the first target hit and
less to others, but builds fury based on the number of targets hit. style="">  It’s extremely effective
and efficient when
it comes to generation in the middle of a mob, but naturally it lacks
to Bash both in damage and in fury generation

Leap Attack – Flying to your cursor,
you deal damage, build
a good amount of fury, and apply any on-hit effects all in one badass
sequence.  You only
generate fury if the
leap hits a target, but these targets can even be barrels or other

Ground Stomp - Nothing like a good
ol’ fashioned quake to get
some breathing room.  This
does some negligible
damage, but a 3 second stun.  Of
you can’t mash this, as they gave it a pretty high cooldown.

href=""> style="border: 0px solid ; width: 640px; height: 480px;"
alt="With the right barbarian build, you are right at home in the middle of a hundred skeletons!"

style="font-style: italic;">Fear nothing.  The more
enemies attacking you, the more free fury you get to pound their faces
in.  Just don't forget to pop those potions.

Fury Spenders

Threatening Shout – A loud cry lowers
the damage of all
nearby enemies greatly.   
A great skill
when getting mobbed, but do you really want to spend your fury on

Hammer of the Ancients – Barbarian
SMASH!   Does
fantastic damage and hits a decent
number of enemies, and has a fairly quick animation to boot. style="">   A good way to
dump a lot of fury in a hurry
on a boss.

Battle Rage – Boosts your damage and
critical hit chance
upon activation.  Can’t
really complain
about this one, but with the limited skill slots early, you’ll probably
on the flashier things.

Weapon Throw – Does the obvious. style="">  But less obvious is the
fact that it does
even more damage than Hammer of the Ancients and a slow. style="">  However, all of this is
only to one target.

Rend – Mutilates nearby enemies
dealing great damage over 3
seconds.   It’s
a fantastic damage over
time skill, but if you want to get a lot out of it on tough enemies you
have to
be careful not to overwrite it and keep it up at all times.

Situational Abilities

Ignore Pain – Much like the WoW tank
abilities, this greatly
reduces incoming damage for 5 seconds. 
you find yourself stuck and have no movement abilities up, you might
want to
hit this!

Revenge - …yet another WoW-ish
ability, it has a chance to
become available upon receiving damage and dishes out a powerful blow
to nearby
enemies while restoring life.   
effective while being mobbed!

Overpower – Another situational big
hit, rather than
proccing from taking damage, this procs from critting with it. style="">   It does a
considerable amount of AoE damage.


With so many great abilities and more
to be unlocked as the
beta unfolds, it’ll be great to eventually get our hands on old school
like Whirlwind.  Until
then, we’ll be
waiting and drawing up our Diablo III Barbarian builds and speculating
further.  Look
forward to our coverage
the moment additional content is live!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016