Scott Jennings, a veteran MMOG designer, recently posted a new article at MMORPG after GDC 2010 titled, "FarmVille Killed Gaming, V-Worlds, And Your Dog." The article talks about the growing trend and merging of MMOGs and the social gaming scene with games like FarmVille. Jennings notes several quotes from GDC 2010 that explain how venture capitalist, the people that fund start-up companies and game design, are becoming more impressed with the social games like FarmVille and less impressed about the MMOG scene. What does this mean for MMOG players? The article points out that this could hinder future MMOG development as we know it as social games cost less, require less effort, and seem to bring in more people at a faster rate.

Jennings also notes a blog by Raph Koster that speaks favorably about the social gaming scene stating later in the story, "L;DR. Short form: virtual worlds are dead, long live the world, virtual." In another blog, Koster draws comparisons between FarmVille and MMOGs and sticks to his points on social gaming. Not everyone will agree that MMOGs should evolve into a more social gaming network-type of experience. Read the article and tell us what you think.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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