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Hello, I’m Nigel Thornberry and today we will be taking an adventure deep into the wilds of Africa where we will be observing
several native animals in their natural habitats…

Ok so I’m not really Nigel, and we won’t be trekking to the far reaches of Africa. And if that wasn’t bad
enough I don’t even have a crazy Australian accent to make things more interesting. But don’t click away from this page
yet! Despite all the negatives above we will be embarking on an adventure of sorts taking place not in real life, but instead inside
the virtual world. Once there we will be taking a look at some animals that may be all to familiar to us all.

One of the allures of games like World of Warcraft is being able to play with a colossal variety of people from all over the
world. However, in spite of the vast majority of personalities that can be found in game, there are some that manage to stand out and can be
found in almost every guild, instance, or PvP setting. Below you will find several of these personality types. While reading them, see if you
can’t think of someone you know or have met in game that fits the description. Chances are you have.

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Always a girl player, this personality type needs every male that she comes into contact with to know that she is without a doubt 100%
female. This is often achieved by jokes relating to her more private female bits, and/or sexual innuendos. The Prima Donna will exclusively
have male friends and will attempt to avoid all other female players, especially other Prima Donnas. The Prima Donna can often be
distinguished by her use of a low, husky, and supposedly sexy voice on vent and also her inability to allow herself to be anything but the
center of attention.

Male players should be wary as a more sinister type of Prima Donna exists. Much like a Black Widow, this version of the Prima
Donna will attempt to entice unfortunate male players to fall into a web of seduction. Once she has caught her prey she will take advantage
of said male in any way possible. Once she has drained the target dry of gold, items, or even real money, she will leave the target male
without a backward glance and proceed on to the next unfortunate soul.

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Found in raids, instances, and anywhere else loot has a chance to drop, the Loot Whore is an especially self centered individual. Convinced
that every single piece of gear in the game (and I mean every. Single. Piece.) was personally made for them, the Loot Whore will make a bid
for any item they see drop and will also probably place dibs on items that may drop in the future. When challenged, the Loot Whore will
provide a stream of crazy logic that only makes sense to them as to why the item should be theirs and only theirs. If the Loot Whore is denied
access to an item a steady stream of whining is sure to follow. To easily and quickly identify a Loot Whore just look for the player who
actually thinks that the Thunderstrike was good for anything other than disenchanting.

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Always good for some easy entertainment the Drama Queen makes it their life’s work to make a mountain out of a mole hill. No matter
if the subject is politics, real life, loot, or any other topic, the Drama Queen personality will take it and spin it to make it personal.
Once this happens a constant stream of bitching and moaning will likely ensue. The Drama Queen makes it their personal mission to make as much
fuss as possible and thrive on watching conflict arise between other players directly because of their actions. Drama Queens can be picked
out by their theatrical disappearances which involve using caps lock while speaking, followed by hitting ALT-F4 to leave the game in a huff.
While the Drama Queen seems harmless and, as mentioned previously, can be a source of great entertainment, they should be kept in check as best
as possible. A Drama Queen with free reign can be utterly toxic.

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Somewhere along the line someone messed up during the screening process and you ended up with a 10 year old along for the ride. The skill of
this player ranges from very good to very, very bad but the tell-tale squeaky high pitched voice always remains the same. Pre-Pubescents can
also be identified by his or her laughter at fart jokes, obsession with any adult topics being discussed, occasional tantrums, and random
disappearances when the parental controls kick in. Mom and Dad can usually be heard yelling about homework or chores in the background
when on vent and even though Mom and Dad obviously don’t care much that their precious little one is playing a game with a Teen
rating, they will be sure to defend their little ones hurt feelings by making a surprise appearance on vent and lecturing all there in
explicit detail on how to be nice boys and girls.

Much like the drill sergeants seen on TV and in movies, these players will scream at anyone and anything that dares to make the
smallest mistake in their presence. Able to combine a series of colorful profanities together that would make even the most seasoned
sailor blush at the drop of a hat, this player is a seething volcano of rage just waiting to be unleashed. Usually excellent players, Drill
Sergeants take the game just a tad too seriously. If this player happens to make a mistake of their own they will go mysteriously silent,
refusing to acknowledge any and all mentions of it. If you are still unsure of how to recognize this personality type please see this video:

***Warning Explicit Content!***

These players say little to nothing at all and chances are you have never heard them utter a single syllable on vent and you probably never
will. In fact if they would say something there is a good chance Azeroth would implode in on itself or at the very least your group
would be so distracted that they would end up meeting an unfortunate and swift end. Unlike the other personality types mentioned above, the
Silent Type are not annoying and will be an asset to your guild or group rather than a hindrance. In fact the Silent Type can turn out to
be some of the best players in the game.

The personality types listed above are but a small segment of all that exist in the virtual world. And they (even the awful ones we would all
like to avoid) are truly what makes the game an interesting place to adventure in. What a boring place the world would be without

If you fit one of the above personality types, know someone with the above personality types, or would like to add your own personality type
please do so in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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